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About The Consequences Of Dirty Teeth & Treating An Abscess With A Root Canal

Are you in the habit of allowing plaque to accumulate on your teeth? You may want to start keeping them clean because the enamel can decay away and require that a root canal is performed to protect your health from the effects of an abscess. In this article, you will discover the consequences of keeping your teeth dirty and the importance of a root canal to treat an abscess.

What are the Consequences of Dirty Teeth?

The main consequence of leaving your teeth dirty is the accumulation of plaque that contains acid. The acid in plaque is harmful because it causes the enamel of your teeth to deteriorate and create deep cavities. Once the enamel is destroyed, the dentin layer of your teeth can become damaged as well.

The dentin area must be protected by enamel because damage to it can lead to the pulp chamber are of your teeth becoming damaged. The pulp chamber is the lowest layer of your teeth and the most important part because it is where nerves and blood vessels are located. Bacteria from plaque can get into the pulp chamber and create an abscess, which must be treated with a root canal to keep you safe.

Why Should an Abscess be Treated with a Root Canal?

An abscess must be treated with a root canal so the dentist can remove the dead blood vessels and nerves in the pulp chamber. The dead pulp must be removed and the cavity in your tooth must be filled with dental putty to prevent your bloodstream from becoming infected from the bacteria in plaque. An infection of your blood can be fatal, so you must do everything possible to prevent it from happening.

A root canal is performed by a dentist first drilling a hole in the enamel of your teeth if the cavity is not big enough to avoid it. He or she will then remove the dead pulp that is causing the abscess. After the dead pulp is gone, the hole will be filled with dental putty. You will be written a prescription for antibiotics to fight infection when the procedure is complete.

You can avoid the need for a root canal if you push yourself to brush each time you consume food or soda. Plaque is unpleasant to look at and detrimental to the durability of the enamel of your teeth. Visit your dentist so he or she can help you bring your oral health to a good condition!

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