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Debating Between Dentures And Dental Implants? A Few Benefits That Will Have You Going With The Implants

If you have missing teeth, even if it is a single one, you may be self-conscious of the way it makes you look, smile or talk. When you discuss the issue with your dentist, you will be given a couple of options for filling the space. Now you are faced with making a choice between conventional dentures and dental implants. While you may be tempted to choose dentures to save on the cost if your insurance will not pay the whole bill, there are a few special benefits of going with the implants.

Save Your Jawbone

When there is nothing embedded in your jawbone, it tends to deteriorate. As the bone deteriorates, it can change the shape and look of your jaw area. If you choose dentures, over time the lack of jawbone will make it so they no longer fit correctly or comfortably. You will need to have the dentures replaced. By having dental implants, the alveolar bone in the jaw is stimulated. This keeps it strong and stops it from declining.

Save Surrounding Teeth

Unless you are getting a full set of dentures, you will be given a partial, or a bridge. When you have a bridge, the teeth on either side of it will be ground down so caps can go over them. These caps are used as an anchor for the false teeth in between them. Teeth that are ground are weakened and more prone to dental diseases. Because any teeth around an implant are left alone, they will have a better chance of remaining strong and healthy. In fact, the fact that the bone in your jaw will not be deteriorating, these teeth have a lower chance of falling out.

Save Your Speech

If you are given a partial to replace a few teeth on the bottom, or a full set of false teeth on the top, it will take some time getting used to having them in your mouth. On top, you will have a piece of hard plastic over the roof of your mouth. On the bottom, a piece of metal will sit at the gum line on the inside of your teeth. As you speak, your tongue will act differently. All of a sudden it cannot touch the roof of your mouth. You will compensate for this by making small changes that will affect the way you form sounds. With implants, there is nothing extra and no need to adjust the way you speak.

Dental implants provide you with false teeth that behave and function the same way your original teeth did. They will remain comfortable, and your mouth will look the same way it always has. They may be a bit more expensive than simple dentures, but the benefits you receive cannot be measured by money. To learn more, visit a website like