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Three Methods That Will Temporarily Alleviate Tooth Pain

If one of your teeth has a cavity in it and is causing you discomfort, use one of the following methods to relieve the pain that you are experiencing until you are able to be seen by your dentist. After you have treated the decayed portion of your tooth, you will be able to participate in your normal activities without your tooth causing you any disruptions. 

Black Teabag

Heat up a black teabag in a pot of water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and wait for the tea bag to cool down. Place the tea bag directly against the area that is causing you pain. The warmness of the bag will soothe the pain that you are experiencing.

Tannic acid is one of black tea's ingredients and will reduce uncomfortable swelling around the tooth. This ingredient is also capable of preventing harmful bacteria from forming on your tooth or gums. Leave the tea bag in your mouth for several minutes. After removing the bag, rinse your mouth out well with warm water. Repeat all of the steps if the pain comes back.

Warm Saltwater

Salt is a natural ingredient that is often used to temporarily relieve tooth pain. Add one teaspoon of table salt to a warm glass of water. Use a spoon to stir the two items together until the salt dissolves. Swish a small amount of saltwater around in your mouth for a couple of minutes and spit it out. If you still are experiencing pain, add more saltwater to your mouth and swish it around until the pain is gone.

Tooth Putty

Tooth putty is an inexpensive product that is sold by many retailers. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and mold a small amount of putty into a flat disk. Press it over the cavity and smooth it out with the applicator that came enclosed with your purchase. After several minutes, the putty will harden. The putty will reduce inflammation in the tooth's nerve. As a result, pain will subside. Eat and drink beverages with the putty in your mouth, but try to use your other teeth when chewing food. 

Each pain relief method is completely safe to use and equally effective, so feel free to try any of them that you wish. After your tooth pain is eliminated, you will be able to relax until your appointment with your dentist.