The Dentist From a Child' Point of View

Say Cheese! Little-Known Reasons Why Oral Health Matters

The condition of your mouth, particularly your teeth, can impact nearly every aspect of your life. The state of your oral health is often linked to other aspects of wellbeing, particularly in relation to your physical and mental health. Furthermore, proper oral health can also ensure greater success in life. Understanding exactly why oral health matters and how it can affect your life will better prepare you for finding the right solutions to your oral health issues.

No Smile, No Job

It is often said that a great smile can make a lasting first impression. Unfortunately, if your oral health is lacking and your teeth are crooked, that first impression may be less than ideal. If you are out job seeking, making a good first impression is of the utmost importance, which means your smile needs to be in tip-top shape.

A poor smile because of crooked, cracked, or missing teeth may have potential employers turning you down for a job. Unfortunately, poor dental health is often linked to other poor health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and even heart disease. Furthermore, people with severe dental problems often cost employers approximately two days of work each year.

Most employers expect you to smile and project a positive attitude when working with customers. Unfortunately, if your dental health is less than ideal, you may not feel very positive. Also, you may not feel like smiling as much. Therefore, the state of your dental health could prevent you from obtaining gainful employment even if you are more than qualified for the position you seek.

Bad Smile, Bad Grades

Poor dental hygiene affects kids just as much as adults. In fact, kids may be at risk of bad grades if they lack proper oral hygiene. If you notice your child's grades slipping in school, the problem may go beyond just a behavioral issue. Take your child to the dentist to assess his or her dental health. Bad teeth can cause a child to feel physical pain and lack overall self-esteem.

If a child is plagued by a lack of self-esteem and oral pain, it can make concentrating a difficult task, which can contribute to poor academic performance. In fact, a study proves the correlation between poor dental hygiene and poor academic performance. Furthermore, children who lack proper dental hygiene are more likely to miss school compared to children with great dental hygiene.

In other words, the state of your child's dental health may very well contribute to academic success or failure. Considering the importance of academic success, it is important to take your child for a dental appointment in order to determine the best possible solution. Improving your child's smile and overall oral health can make a huge difference in how your child feels and behaves.

Lacking Smiles, Lacking Friends

If you or your child lack a great smile, you may also lack friends. Rather than capturing the attention of a friendly crowd, you may very well attract the attention of bullies. The lack of a great smile is among one of the reasons why children between the ages of 11 and 12 lack friends and find themselves the victims of bullying.

Common dental issues that worsen the impact of bullying include teeth that are discolored, missing, gapped, and even irregularly shaped. Fortunately, no one has to suffer the impact of bullying caused by poor dental hygiene. There are dental solutions to help improve the appearance of your smile and your overall dental health.

Braces are one such option among many. Braces can correct misaligned teeth in order to create a perfect smile. Although the thought of braces may have you cringing, keep in mind that braces do not carry the same stigma that they did years ago. In fact, braces have seemingly become the new "cool" trend. Therefore, addressing yours and your child's dental health is both cool and beneficial for many aspects of your life, too. Visit an orthodontist like Eagle Orthodontics for more information.