The Dentist From a Child' Point of View

Don't Let Braces Affect Your Teen's Confidence

The average teenager takes their time to pick out the best wardrobe for school, the right haircut, and everything else in between. It's safe to say that, by this age, they are totally into their looks. For this reason, when a child finds out they need braces, the fact that this often alters their appearance can serve as a major blow to their self-confidence. As a parent, you can keep eliminate this issue. Keep your teen healthy and happy with these simple tips.

Have A Self-Image Discussion

While this is not always the case, in some instances, your child might be concerned about how they will look with their new braces because they are trying to fit into a certain standard of beauty. Sit down and discuss the importance of having their own, unique self-image of beauty. Explain that there is no one look that is considered attractive, but instead, the individuality of each person is what makes them beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

Add Some Style

Gone are the days when boring metal brackets were the only option for braces. These days, you can add a variety of personal style enhancements to braces. For a child struggling with the idea, the ability to add some flair might help them embrace the treatment better. Although they are typically offered to individuals with a nickel allergy, gold braces are one way to create a unique look. You can also add some bling by changing the color of the brackets and ties.

Talk About The Future

By the time a child reaches their teen years, they have matured enough to put things into perspective. Consequently, you can stress the importance of understanding that wearing braces is only a temporary thing. The level of misalignment will determine just how long the braces must be worn for, but the average person could be looking at only 1 to 2 years. Make sure you stress that after this short period, their smile will be even more beautiful than it already was.

Give Them The Facts

When your teen discovered that they had to get braces, they probably felt like they were the only person in the world going through this struggle. Make sure they understand that the opposite is actually the case. In fact, there are 4 million people that currently wear braces and this doesn't even include the people that had them in the past. From their teacher to their soccer coach to their favorite musician, chances are, they too have had to wear braces, so your teen is in good company.

Don't let the idea of teenage orthodontics get your kid down. Play your part to keep them happy and boost their confidence.