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Pros And Cons Of Mini Implants Vs Regular Dental Implants

Depending on your dentist, you may be offered mini dental implants as an alternative to regular dental implants. There is a long list of pros and cons for choosing one oral surgery over the other, but here are some of the most important points to consider. 

Benefits of Mini Implants

The main benefit of mini implants is that the procedure is simpler. It requires fewer visits, it's a less complicated surgery, and it's less invasive. This can lead to a shorter recovery time, meaning that you'll be back on your feet much quicker. Since the process is quicker, it also may be less expensive. Mini implants are a great option if you want the compromise of strength that approaches that of regular dental implants, with the convenience and easy installation of other methods. If you don't have time to complete the dental visits and longer healing time of dental implants, then mini implants may be an option to consider. 

Benefits of Regular Implants

Regular implants may be the best choice for optimal stability; these are known to be a long-lasting solution for replacement teeth. Dental implants are also a better option for people who grind their teeth in their sleep. The mini dental implants might get worn down too quickly. Also, you'll need to ask your dentist to make sure that you have enough bone in the area to support mini implants. Bone grafting might be an option that can be used in conjunction with regular dental implants. And finally, traditional dental implants have been around for longer, and many dentists are more comfortable and familiar with this procedure; that familiarity may give you more comfort when you're undergoing oral surgery. 

Benefits of Both

While there are some differences between these two types of dental implants, the fact remains that dental implants are one of the best options for tooth replacement. Both of these types of implants are some of the most comfortable options available, because they act as a non-removable extension of your natural row of teeth. There's less of an adjustment period for both options when compared to other choices, such as the dental bridge and dentures. Both types of implants are also known for their durability and quality. In short, choosing either one of these dental implants options is a great choice, as long as your dentist verifies that you are a great candidate for oral surgery. Visit a dental office like DSW Dental for more information.