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Trying To Get Naturally About Teeth Brushing? Try These Alternatives Instead

For a lot of years it has been common knowledge that toothpaste is the best thing to use to get your teeth clean and ward off decay. However, many forms of toothpaste do contain some questionable synthetic ingredients, which can be an issue if you are trying to live a more natural lifestyle of have certain sensitivities to things like fluoride or sorbitol. Thankfully, modern dental research has proven that you do not necessarily have to use ordinary toothpaste to keep your smile clean and protected. There are a few more natural alternatives you can use to brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth with saltwater.

Saltwater created with sea salt offers an array of healthy benefits for your mouth and is completely natural in form. Simply dissolve a teaspoon or so of sea salt crystals in warm water, dip your toothbrush in the solution, and brush like you normally would. You may feel like you aren't accomplishing much without the familiar foaming that toothpaste provides, but saltwater is an effective way to slough away plaque buildup, kill bacteria, and even help with gum inflammation. You will feel the need to rinse and gargle with water after salt water brushing, however, and may want to use some natural peppermint oil to give your mouth that same fresh feeling when you're done. 

Brush your teeth with a basic baking soda paste.

Many toothpastes already have baking soda in them and this is a natural ingredient. You can harness the same cleansing power of baking soda without all the synthetic components by making your own baking soda paste at home. The baking soda can be mixed with a drop or two of mint oil and a touch of water to create a paste similar in consistency to toothpaste you buy at the store. You will experience the familiar foaming action when you brush and the paste can easily be made in advance and kept in a small jar in your bathroom for convenience. 

Brush your teeth with natural dental soap. 

Dental soap, also sometimes simply called tooth soap, is a fairly modern product available on the market for those looking for natural alternatives to brushing their teeth with traditional toothpaste. These dental soaps have only natural ingredients and are specifically designed to wash away debris, plaque, and germs in your mouth. These dental soaps come in many different forms, from in a tube and with a paste-like consistency to more liquid in a bottle with a dropper for applying to your tooth brush. 

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