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3 Reasons To Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Do you avoid brushing your teeth because you don't care about them being yellow from plaque? Although yellow teeth may not cause you any embarrassment, the plaque is actually very harmful to your health. Being that you have allowed plaque to accumulate for so long, you might want to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a dentist. Getting rid of the plaque in a timely manner can help you avoid suffering through numerous oral health problems. This article will give you some knowledge about the importance of getting your teeth cleaned.

1. Your Teeth Might Decay

The most common problem that plaque causes for teeth is decay. There are acids and bacteria in plaque that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. You don't want to leave the plaque on your teeth any longer because you will end up with a cavity before you know it. Once a cavity has developed, it will continuously get larger until the hole reaches the pulp chamber. It is important for the pulp chamber to stay protected because it contains nerves.

2. Periodontal Disease Can Develop

Plaque can lead to a serious oral health condition that is called periodontal (gum) disease. There are actually two forms of the disease, with one being less severe than the other. For example, gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease, and you can easily get it from neglecting to brush your teeth. You might notice bleeding and inflamed gums if you have gingivitis, which can usually be treated by getting your teeth cleaned and a prescription for antibiotics. Periodontitis is the most serious form of the disease, which could cause weak jawbones and numerous other problems.

3. You Might Get a Dental Abscess

There are bacteria in plaque that can lead to a bad infection and cause a dental abscess to develop. You don't want your oral health to get to the point of an abscess developing as it can be very painful to deal with. However, the most serious risk of having an abscess is for the toxic pus inside of it to get into your blood. As the toxins flow through your bloodstream, they can cause serious health problems by damaging vital organs like your heart. In the worst case scenario, a dental abscess can lead to problems that are serious enough to cause death, which is why you should schedule a teeth cleaning with your dentist.