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Should You Get A Dental Bridge?

If you have one or missing teeth then you are in the position of deciding which option is best for you with regards to replacing them. Many times, a dental bridge will prove to be a great option for those needing to have teeth replaced. If you are considering a bridge, then here is some information about them that should help you make your ultimate decision:

A dental bridge can replace one tooth or several: You don't want to fall for the misconception that a bridge can only replace a single tooth when in fact, one bridge can replace many teeth. Even if you are missing teeth from one side of your mouth over to the other, you may be able to use a bridge as long as you have some teeth that can be used as anchoring teeth. Even without anchoring teeth, there is still a way you could possibly have a bridge put in, and that is to have some of the appliances on the bridge be implants that will be implanted in your gums and fused to the jawbone.

A dental bridge can help with other dental problems: Along with dental bridges giving you replacement teeth for the ones you no longer have, they can also fix other dental problems at the same. The design of the bridge offers crowns along the length of the bridge that go right over your other teeth and get bonded to them. If you have teeth that have fractures, chips, cavities, or other problems like this, then putting those crowns over them will help to protect them and prevent further chipping, breaking, or decaying from occurring in those teeth.

A dental bridge is one of the next best things to real teeth: The way a dental bridge is put in and designed makes it very close to your real teeth with regards to the strength of the replacement teeth. The replacement teeth as well as the crowns that all make up the bridge will each be hand designed to look just like real teeth. They will also be colored to match your other teeth so there is no difference that people will see to lead them to suspecting that you have had any of your natural teeth replaced. If you are going to be having full bridges put on both the top and bottom gums, then you can take the opportunity to have the bridges done in a whiter color.