The Dentist From a Child' Point of View

4 Questions to Ask Your Child's Dentist

Even if your baby is still a newborn, there are some questions you should be considering. It doesn't matter if your child's first tooth hasn't even erupted yet. Proper dental care begins early. As soon as you start taking your child to the pediatric dentist, you need to start asking these four questions.

Should Children Get Sealants?

Sealants are an excellent option for all children. They work like a shield for your child's teeth, blocking the plaque and bacteria that leads to decay. Typically, sealants are only placed on the chewing surface of molars. This is because your teeth's chewing surfaces have a lot of crevices to help chew food. Unfortunately, especially for children who may not brush properly, bacteria can get stuck in these grooves. Unless it is removed, it can lead to decay.

Do Children Need Fluoride?

Your city may add fluoride to the drinking water to ensure children get it from the start. However, some cities do not offer this, and even if your city does offer it, your child may need extra fluoride to fight decay. Fluoride is important for growing teeth because it helps strengthen enamel. Unfortunately, it really only strengthens fluoride on growing teeth. Depending on your child's situation, your dentist may suggest regular fluoride treatments at cleanings or even a fluoride toothpaste.

Is Restorative Care Necessary?

If your child has a cavity on a tooth that is going to fall out soon, you may wonder why the dentist can't just remove the tooth instead of restore it. However, baby teeth are extremely important and not just because they help your child eat and talk. They are placeholders for your child's permanent teeth. If a tooth is lost too early or not cared for, it can cause the adult tooth to grow in crooked or grow in with already weakened enamel from bacteria.

When Should Orthodontia Preparation Begin?

A lot of parents still associate braces and orthodontia with teenagers or preteens at the earliest. However, this isn't the case. Orthodontia treatment can begin as early as seven years of age. In fact, even when your child still has their baby teeth, your dentist can predict if they will need braces in the future. This makes it easier to perform any procedures that must be done before braces can be placed.

You need to start worrying about your child's oral health as early as before they are even born. It will ensure they have healthy teeth as adults. If you would like more information regarding pediatric dentistry, contact a pediatric dentist in your area today.