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Just Got Dental Insurance? Make A Trip To The Dentist After A Lengthy Gap

While some people are comfortable with going to the dentist several times per year, you may have avoided going for a few years. Without dental insurance, you may have found this to be an easy decision because making an appointment could lead to spending a lot of money on dental services. But, when you get dental insurance, you should make it a priority to visit a dental clinic.

By having such a large gap since you last went to the dentist, you will be able to benefit your dental health in numerous ways because of all the dental problems that you might have.

Wisdom Teeth

If you still have your wisdom teeth or at least some of them, a dentist will want to check them out to see how they are growing in and to determine whether they should be removed. In some cases, you may have enough room in your mouth to accommodate these extra teeth. But, they may also cause overcrowding, which can create problems for your gums and other teeth.

This potential problem can only be resolved when you see a dentist. Although you would need to go to a few extra appointments to remove wisdom teeth, the health benefit is worthwhile.


Although you may brush and floss your teeth, you may feel some sensitivity while eating certain foods. This could mean that you have a cavity or two in your mouth, which a dentist can resolve. The initial appointment will include an x-ray, which will tell them all about your mouth. You will not associate cavity filling with a painful experience because of the numbing that they provide.


Another thing that can happen when you have not visited a dentist in a long time is plaque buildup. The reason this is a concern is because the plaque can put pressure on your gums. This can increase redness, swelling, and bleeding, which are all problematic for your dental health.

While you may be able to get regular cleanings when you visit once or twice per year, you may need to get a deep cleaning to remove all the plaque that has built up on your teeth. This will make a task such as flossing easier because the space in between your teeth will not be blocked.

When you make a dental appointment after getting dental insurance, you should feel confident about resolving these problems related to dental health if you have any of them. Contact offices like Advara Dental & Dentures to learn more.