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Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

If your dentist needs to extract one or more of your teeth, they will need to replace the extracted teeth with a suitable substitute. Leaving the gap in your teeth is ill-advised for reasons including comfort, health, and aesthetics. You can choose to have partial dentures made or have a dental bridge installed. However, many patients are happiest when they opt for dental implants. Here are just a few reasons why you should replace your missing teeth with implants:

1. You can eat whatever you want.

Partial dentures are a noninvasive solution to missing teeth, but they come with some drawbacks. For instance, you would be unable to eat certain foods while wearing your dentures. Sticky foods, such as caramel, may adhere to your dentures and pull them from your mouth. Dental implants require no such consideration. Since dental implants are attached to your bone, they can never fall out. You may treat your implant just like any other tooth and eat whatever you want.

2. Dental implants are easy to clean.

No matter what you pick--dental implants, bridges, or dentures--you need to take proper care of them. However, dental implants are the easiest to clean. When you brush dentures, you need to use a special soft-bristled brush that won't scratch the surface of the dentures. Even bridges require special cleaning to ensure food doesn't get trapped beneath them. Dental implants require no special cleaning. You can brush it just like any other tooth, and it's easy to floss around your implant.

3. The procedure isn't painful.

Dental implants are placed in your mouth through oral surgery. However, most patients report that they do not experience any pain during the operation. Your dentist will use the utmost care in administering anesthesia before the procedure. You will be awake and able to comply with requests, but you won't feel any pain thanks to numbing injections. After the procedure ends, you may take painkillers to ensure you have a comfortable recovery.

4. Your dental implants will last indefinitely.

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for your natural teeth. The metal post of the implant is placed in your jawbone, which grows around the rod. This provides a stable base for your prosthetic tooth to screw onto. Dental bridges are adhered to your existing teeth using dental crowns. However, dental crowns do not last indefinitely. Even when properly cared for, dental crowns need to be replaced after about fifteen years. Your dental implant never needs to be replaced. If your artificial tooth wears down, it can be easily changed without another complicated surgery.

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