The Dentist From a Child' Point of View

Who Can Help? The Pediatric Dentist Search And Your Parent Friends.

Does your child need a new pediatric dentist? Before you google "dentists near" and insert your city after, take a look at the top places to find a new dental professional and the questions you need to ask first.

Your In Real Life Parent Friends

Where do your parent friends bring their children? While your childless friends may have plenty of advice when it comes to the best dentists for adults in the area, they may not know what to look for when it comes to pediatric patients. Stick to your friends-with-kids' advice for this specialized service.

When you talk to parent friends, ask:

  • Why did you choose this practice? This can clue you into the inner workings of the dental office. Maybe your friend likes the practice because the hygienists are great with kids, they have extended hours, or there's another family-friendly reason.
  • What's your favorite thing about the practice? This question also provides insight into how the practice functions. Think of this as a pro's or plus's list to explore.
  • How does the office handle emergencies? Kids don't have dental dilemmas on a nine to five, Monday through Friday schedule. Other parents can provide real-life insight into how the office handles emergencies.

Along with parent friends you can also get advice from social media "friends." While these parents can provide plenty of help, take recommendations with caution.

Your Online Parent Friends

It's almost impossible to verify the identities of the advice-giving parents or if they're actually real parents in your community. To get the best results:

  • Use closed groups. Closed Facebook and other social media groups typically have ways to screen members, such as security questions.
  • Ask questions only real parents would know the answers to. If you have concerns about suggestions, delve deeper into the answers you get. Go beyond "The practice is great" or, "They're nice" and ask probing questions.
  • Direct message friends. If possible, send a direct message to your Facebook/social media friend. Without thousands of eyes on their answer, they may share more information about the dental practice.

You may also want to check online communities your child's school arranges or similar groups from your religious institution, playgroup, or community center. These parents can also help you to find the just-right pediatric dentistry practice in your area.

Whether you ask your in real life friends or the ones you've made online, other parents are point people to seek out as you hunt for a new practice. They can guide the process, point you in the right direction, and help you to save hours of search-time.