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Want Dental Implants? Ask Your Dental Implant Service These Things

Getting dental implants can seem like a big deal, and the surgical procedure related to the implants can be major. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't give dental implants a second thought if you're facing dentures or other dental solutions to your needs. You just need to make sure you ask your dental implant services provider the right questions to get moving in the right direction.

Here are things you should ask your dental implant services specialist about. Being thorough with your needs will help you learn more about dental implants to see if they are the right oral health solution for your immediate needs.

How the implants are put in place

Dental implants are not like traditional dentures and are not like veneers or dental caps either. When you get dental implants, you get the metal implants placed into your jawbone, and the porcelain crowns or caps are placed on top. If you have concerns about your jaw or gum health, then dental implants might not be the best solution for you, or can be something you can consider after having other dental conditions taken care of.

How long it takes to heal from dental implant surgery

How long it takes to heal after getting dental implants varies, but on average, it can take patients several months to heal completely. If you are a smoker, have gum disease, have diabetes or another autoimmune disease, or if you have issues with swelling or blood circulation, you may find yourself with more complications regarding healing after you get dental implants put in than other patients might have.

Speak to your dental implant services specialist about any medical conditions you have, even if you think they won't interfere with your ability to have dental implants put in or heal quickly from surgery. Being transparent about your medical needs will help you get the most out of your dental implant experience and can best prepare your dental implant specialist to meet your needs effectively.

How much dental implants cost

Cost is worth discussing with your dental implant services specialist when you get dental implants because insurance companies don't always pay for the complete procedure. Your insurance company may cover the installation of the posts to your dental implants, but you may be paying for the porcelain crowns on your own. You'll get a quote for dental implants from your dental implant services specialist, which may or may not include the cost of anesthesia and pain medication or antibiotics following surgery.

For more information about dental implants, talk to a dentist.