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Temporary Dental Crown Repairs: 3 Steps To Get You Through Until You See Your Dentist

Dental crowns are meant to offer a long-term solution for individuals with missing or damaged teeth. While these crowns will often stay in place for many years without incident, it is possible for your crown to detach from the underlying tooth or implant. If this happens, you will need to visit your dentist to have your crown put back in place. The problem is, it may not always be possible to get in to see your dentist right away. In these situations, you will need to know how to temporarily fix your crown in order to prevent tooth pain and possible infection. The steps outlined below will help to get you through this process. 

Step 1: Carefully Clean The Crown

The last thing you want is to cement your dental crown back in place with food particles or other debris inside the crown. This is why it is so important to carefully and thoroughly clean your crown before moving forward with this process. This can be done using a soft toothbrush and some toothpaste. Be sure to brush both the outside and the inside of the crown before thoroughly rinsing it with warm water. In order to prevent your crown from falling down the drain if you should loosen your grip on it, you will want to make sure that the drain has been blocked. You will also want to place a soft towel in the sink in order to prevent the crown from cracking if you should drop it. 

Step 2: Make Sure Your Mouth Is Clean And Free From Food Debris

In addition to making sure your crown is clean, you will also need to make sure your mouth is clean. This is very important in order to prevent bacteria from being trapped under your crown. In addition to brushing your teeth, you will also want to use an antibacterial mouthwash to ensure the tooth is sterile before reapplying your dental crown.

Step 3: Use A Temporary Dental Adhesive To Secure Crown

Now that you are sure you are working with a clean surface, you will need to reattach your crown using a dental adhesive. These products can be purchased at just about any store that offers oral hygiene items. Place just a small amount of adhesive inside the crown and position it over your tooth or implant. Gently bite down until the crown is fully seated. Now simply use a wet cloth or cotton swab to wipe away any excess adhesive that may be pushed up from around the edges of your crown. It can take a few hours for the adhesive to fully set so be sure to avoid eating or drinking until you are sure the adhesive is dry.