The Dentist From a Child' Point of View

What Parents Should Know About Laughing Gas

When you bring your child to the dentist, one of the first things you want to do is ensure that they have all the resources available for them to relax. Any dental visit can be stressful, but visits that require cavities and other types of work can be especially frightening for a child.

This is where laughing gas comes in. Many dentists use laughing gas for pediatric patients. Here's what you should know about this option.

Laughing Gas Is an Easy Sedation Method

First, it is helpful to know how laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, works. The gas is combined with oxygen to lightly sedate a patient. This method of sedation is easy because it requires the placement of a mask over the nose, and all your child has to do is breathe. Within minutes, your child will experience relief.

Plus, laughing gas does not require a needle. For children, injections are one of the biggest fears. With no need for pain relief in the form of a shot, your child will feel much more comfortable by the time any dental injections are necessary.

Laughing Gas Offers Many Benefits

The biggest effect of laughing gas on children is that they become relaxed. This also allows them to cooperate with the dentist so that they can get the necessary dental work done. Those who have a low pain tolerance will not feel anything.

Laughing gas may be used with a variety of dental treatment plans. Your child may be offered this treatment for anything from treatment for cavities to root canals. This can help your child avoid the fear that builds with stressful dental visits.

Laughing Gas Is a Safe Option

While many people fear sedation, the truth is that laughing gas is not only comfortable but also safe. The main risk associated with laughing gas is the child's potential to fall if they try to walk too quickly after sedation.

The good news is that the sedation wears off within minutes of removing the gas. Your child will be able to return to their daily routine quickly.

Laughing Gas Can Improve a Dental Visit

For many children, laughing gas is a useful tool that allows them to relax while the dentist is working. Laughing gas can turn a stressful situation into a calm one, allowing the dentist to complete the necessary work much more easily.  

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