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4 Secrets To Ensure Newly-Installed Dental Implants Serve You Better For Longer

If you have lost several teeth and have installed dental implants, you must exercise care to ensure they last longer. Although dental implants are durable artificial replacements, they function and look like ordinary teeth. Some people don't take care of them as they should and face challenges sooner. But how can you ensure your newly installed implants serve you better for the longest time? Read on to learn four key secrets to protecting your real and artificial teeth.

1. Adhere to the Specialist's Guidelines 

After implantation, the dentist will provide guidelines to ensure a speedy recovery and desired outcome. Note that it takes a few weeks to recover completely, and you'll likely be tempted to use the implants before you heal. But that might affect the outcome of the treatment. Adhering to the specialist's post-operative guidelines to recover more quickly and ensure that the newly installed implants last longer.

2. Proper Dental Care

Dental hygiene will determine how long your implants serve you. It is advisable to have a perfect oral care routine. Brush your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled brush and non-corrosive toothpaste. In addition, floss your teeth once a day to remove food particles and plaque that build up around the implants. Although implants don't decay, flossing helps protect your gums and jawbone from bacteria attacking the stuck food particles.

3. Improve Your Lifestyle and Diet

If you want your natural and artificial teeth to last longer, you should adopt the right lifestyle. Quitting smoking and alcohol use should be a perfect starting point. Note that smoking and drinking alcohol might slow down the recovery process. In addition, they accelerate the accumulation of plaque on your teeth, threatening the life of your natural and artificial teeth. You should also improve your eating habits to boost your immunity and dental health.

4. Use Teeth and Implants Appropriately

Some people use implants to open bottles or crack hard nuts. That is a big mistake that makes them wear out more quickly and can affect your other teeth. You should not use the newly installed implants to bite hard stuff or chew foreign objects.

After installing dental implants, it is essential to take care of them so they can serve you better for the longest time. Going for post-operation medical checkups ensures the healing process is on course. In addition, observe dental care practices and adhere to the dentist's guidelines to heal quickly and ensure the implants last longer.