What Is The Purpose Of A Temporary Crown?

Permanent crowns take two to three weeks to fabricate in a dental laboratory. During that time, the remaining tooth structure that will be supporting the crown is left bare. The main purpose of a temporary crown is to cover the exposed tooth structure. Covering the exposed tooth serves several functions. Protects the Tooth From Decay and Damage Once prepared for a permanent crown, a tooth has little to protect it from dental decay.

What To Know Before Getting Adult Orthodontic Treatment

If you are not happy with your teeth or bite positioning, orthodontic treatment is a fantastic option. Many who did not go through treatment during childhood or adolescence may be reluctant to get braces. However, even for adults, orthodontics can be very effective. That being said, orthodontic treatments are often expensive, and it's important to consider treatment carefully. Here are three things that you need to know before you seek out an orthodontist.